Role of Technology in Human Resource

Technology has changed the face of the world and impacted business landscape like never before. However, there is one specific area that has experienced immense influence of technology. The domain is human resource (HR), the lifeline of an organization. It is a well-known fact that an organization is made up of its employees and they are the brand ambassadors of a company. Hence, it becomes critical to choose the right set of employees to drive the goals of the company.
HR primarily involves strategic employee management. It includes identifying talent, hiring the apt applicant, training employees, recognizing and rewarding workforce, succession planning and retaining the best. Technology has enabled and empowered the HR to make such key strategic decisions with respect to overall management of the organization. Managing hopes of employees while balancing expectations of the management is a daunting task and it has been made seamless by technology. In today’s’ swiftly changing business dynamics, technology has proved to be a boon for numerous aspects of HR. From merely managing the recruitment process, now HR’s functions entail varied roles including employee engagement and employee wellness. Such functions are being proactively fulfilled and optimized with the help of technology.
Let us take a look how technology has impacted the HR functions.
One of the core roles of HR is to identify and hire the right talent. With the advent of technology in HR, the process has become much faster and accurate for hiring employees. With pre-defined parameters and job profiles, technology enables the HR to eliminate redundant and irrelevant applications promptly saving precious time. Setting keywords for job profiles allows in identifying the most potential candidates for a particular role. Conducting initial rounds of interviews over phone, email, Skype and video calls has become a norm. It not only saves time of both the employer and employee, the process allows a free two-way communication as well.
New recruitment platforms
The conventional methods of hiring have paved the way for new-age online portals that are well supported by technology. Looking for jobs in newspapers is a fast dying trend. Recruitment sites like Naukri, Monster and Shine, are some of the names that are now connecting the employers with prospective employees. Besides, social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook are mushrooming with job opportunities. Employers are ready to take advantage of technology to choose the best talent for their company. There are other modules also available for verification of applicants’ records and qualifications, which has brought about transparency into the system.
Managing daily tasks
The mundane yet important tasks of keeping a track of attendance and salaries have been made much more accurate and reliable with technology. Advanced payroll software and payroll system have made it possible for HR to compute the gross and net salaries along with tax liabilities of an employee with a blink of an eye. Such functions were earlier done manually but now online attendance and payroll online have automated the process. The introduction of these modules has also resulted in error-free results. Also, reimbursements and other tasks such as travel planning and approvals have gone online enabling ease of managing everyday jobs.
Training and development
With the evolution of the job market and business, it has become imperative for employees to remain updated. This calls for identifying the training and development needs of employees and then providing the same. Technology can be employed easily with pre-defined functions to enable a new recruit to familiarize with the organization. While old employees can harness its benefits by engaging in online training programs designed specifically to suit their needs. Remote locations and offsite employees can be reached with technology and they can be provided with necessary information. Technology when applied constructively can lay a foundation for a strong training and development program.
Performance assessment
The most crucial aspect of HR is to recognize and reward employees for their hard work. Assessment of performance has remained one of the most debatable issues in companies as it has an element of subjective decision making. But by using matrix and technology, HR can effectively assess employees on measurable parameters and derive at a transparent and efficient process. Such assessment would build trust between employers and employees while encouraging employees to perform to the best of their ability.
 Storing employee records
Maintaining an immaculate employee record is a humungous task. With each passing day, the data multiples manifold and it is a tedious task to store such data securely. With the coming of cloud computing and other such advanced technologies, the job of HR has become much simpler when it comes to maintaining and storing data of employees. There are several advantages of keeping the records handy as in times of emergency employee’s family and friends can be informed of a mishap or a employee can be given immediate medical attention based on his medical records. Besides, the management can use the data for gauging its mix of employees, their strengths and weaknesses.
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