How to Successfully Select and Implement an HRIS?

Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance– By Stephen Keague
The saying is 100% right if believed in, you will never fail in your proceedings. The same thing applies when you are thinking to select and implement the best HRIS solution in your company. It is most important for you to understand the basics of HRIS and how it works?
What is HRIS?
An HRIS is a Human Resource Information Systems that is known for its ultimate combination of Information Technology and Human Resources. It is an integrated system that provides complete information to be used by HR and management in making any kind of decision. HRIS makes use of one or more interrelated database to track employee information, which makes it very crucial to understand how the effective use of employee information can be done to get an accurate implementation for the same at first go.
Reason for using HRIS Systems
There are many highlighted reasons for using HRIS as mentioned below:

  • It provides employees with an option of self-service with which they can update their own personal data and address changes, etc. without HR mediation. Also, it allows the HR professional to concentrate on other strategic functions of the company.
  • All the data is stored in one place and allows time proficient reporting for compliance, employee development, and other strategic means.
  • Managers can easily access timely information of employees and can formulate programs related to employee development, performance management improvement, and wedges and other appropriate information.

Unfortunately, there are many organizations that do not pay significant effort during the implementation process of HRIS. In result, the whole process turns out to be burdensome and starts diminishing the benefits that the company can gain from procuring a new system. So, here we will spill the beans about some of the key patterns that may guide companies to avail all the benefits from their HRIS, both at functionality as well as ROI level.
Start your planning well in Advance
The complete option and implementation time period of HRIS should be efficiently designed with regard to the respective organizations limited time frame and other resources. Prioritize your requirements will assist in achieving the best potential outcomes. Furthermore, a proper timeline and allocated budget for implementation should be discussed that will allow you to draw the exact framework of the complete process.
Ensure the configuration of HRIS as per company’s process & policies
Point out the specific policies and workflow system that is associated with payroll, pay increases and training and try to align the system according to the same to attain the desired results. Also, make sure that the HRIS selected for the company should easily accommodate your present business formulation.
Carryout the Implementation in different Phases
Over a period of time, HRIS has become one of the most innovative and demanded solutions available in the marketplace. This is beneficial for an HR system but can become complicated when thinking to implement.
So, it will be best to prioritize your requirements with the help of HR managers, who are capable enough and can easily divide different phases of implementation. This will help employees in understanding the system in the best effective way. The division of new information into different section will be easily absorbed and retained by everyone in the organization easily.
Try to Form a Separate Team for Implementation
Often it has become a practice that HRIS implementation responsibilities are considered to be dumped on the HR team or some selective employees.
If you want to attain an efficient HRIS implementation, the selection of HRIS team lead should be carefully done as per their qualifications. The other teammates should be inclusive of experts from different department of the organization. There should be at least two employees who are technically sound, while a vendor representative should be a dexterous professional at HRIS implementation.
Implementation of Self-Service Option at Early Stage
There are many major benefits if you provide self-service facility to an employee at an early stage of implementation. The number of employees is more than the chosen team members, which can otherwise be a complicated, task for HR data entry as it a crucial task to accomplish and should be done carefully. This will simplify the usage of the system and helpful in reducing errors when employees enter their own data.
Roll-Out Optimization
If you plan for a roll-out process well in advance, it will directly help in figuring out the potential problem & concern areas to work on. It can also help to phase the roll-out, HRIS implementation, intro of the selected department to the system and proper assessment of the success of each area. There should be a proper channel of support available for solving employees’ queries and assisting them for any further complications.
Hold Up the Enthusiasm
To implement any new system in the organization can be hard or sometimes scary for the employees, as it can affect directly to each individual. The complete process can be time-consuming and daunting tasks to perform, which may feel negative by employees much before when final changes are completed. Therefore, it becomes important to help employees in viewing the new system in a positive manner by explaining how their daily routine will get improvised by using the system at a different level of needs.
Always be ready to respond to Feedbacks
While performing the entire HRIS implementation process, it’s likely that you will get feedback from your employees at different levels. It will be a wise suggestion for you that you should pay close attention to your employees, which can be done easily by the managers of different teams. They can listen to their queries and respond to them in the most effective possible way.
If the employee is not able to understand any of the features or criticizes the system anyway, it becomes the duty of the company to pay attention towards the same and look out for the other options to get it improvised for a better understanding to employees.
In addition to this, if you are dealing with the right vendor known in the market, can help you to make your implementation process much easier and there is no need to be worried. If  you are looking for the same you can reach Us @Payroll Insights .