About Us

We are unstoppable

We provide world-class Payroll Solution

Welcome to Payroll Insights – where we focus on the long term benefit of your company by delivering top notch Payroll and Payroll software solution. With our unique and innovative approach, we are enabling businesses to benefit from powerful Solution that are cost-effective and easy to configure, manage, and implement into your business.


It is not about finding a software vendor, but about having a trusted automation partner who can build commercial-grade, industrial-strength software solution and help you succeed.


We are making human resources management smarter and more efficient than ever by targeting all fields including recruitment, absence management, employee records, performance tracking, and much more.


Payroll Insights gives you instant access to a dynamic, scalable, dedicated and responsible development team – a team committed to meeting the highest standards, and committed to ensuring every project’s success.


We make business better by delivering reliable software solution

Over the years, one of the facts we have understood about Payroll is that it isn’t easy to manage in itself but it can be simplified and streamlined through advanced technology and innovation. All we need is simple solution to streamline complex Payroll management and the result is incredible.

Idea And Concept

We first conduct existing process study and documentation. The data preparation and migration then takes place.

Design And Development

Start off with solution deployment and customizations. User training and final configurations follow.

Testing And Support

Solution go live! We provide telephonic, remote, and on-site support.


Wide-range of software solution that enable your business to thrive and flourish

Regardless of what size business you have or what industry you belong to, make your Payroll management and performance reach its highest potential. Get started with Payroll Insights today.

Our Approach

As software developers with an extensive background based in Payroll and Payroll, we are passionate about providing Solution that would neither compromise on quality nor on affordability.

Our Mission

Payroll Insights was established with the mission to stand out as a software Solution company that would be simultaneously cost-effective and top quality.