HRIS Software

The HR solution streamlines and integrates the operations & processes of the client’s manpower organization.

The trends of communication have evolved with time, and so have the ones for Business Development, Marketing and Employment. To mobilize resources and help Employees easily manage the workload, Payroll Insights has devised a mobile app that creates a virtual office environment. Payroll Insights’ mobile application provides real-timeself-service system access to Employees.

Payroll Insights’ HR Solution is a strong, high-end resolution in the world of business application. The HR solution streamlines and integrates the operations & processes of the client’s manpower organization. The clients can customize the homepage of the app with their Company’s logo to personalize the application and make it user friendly. This has optimized the employees’ productivity and made the functioning efficient and reliable. The mobile self-service portal can be logged-in using Employee’s Mail-Id, App’s Password and Employee Id for each user. The employees can reset the password once they have logged-in into the portal.The Employee lands on the Dashboard as soon as he/she logs into the portal. Every Employee’s personalized Dashboard offers a slider menu which has the following options that can be customized to suit Company’s needs:

A quick peek into Payroll Insights’ HRIS module:


The Home page showcases Employee’s details like Employee-Id, Date of Birth, Date of Joining, Designation, Department etc. The Home page has widgets that help to set reminders, birthdays, alerts and departmental announcements.

Leave Application

Employees can apply for leave through the Web portal or from the Mobile App. Reporting Managers can also apply leave on behalf of their subordinates. Automatic email notifications will be sent to respective managers as well as to HR.

Leave Approval

As soon as the employee fills the leave form, the HR Managers get a notification regarding the leave application. The HR manager can either accept reject or customize the leave application using the Payroll Insights App on their smartphone.

My Holidays

The Mobile App showcases region wise holidays for states all over India because different states observe holidays on different occasions which might not be applicable generically.

My Reports

The tool allows HR to instantly solve all their problems and provide fast and effective support to employees while saving cost by reducing administrative hassle. Payroll Insights’ Mobile application makes every process easier and efficient to improve people experience.

Farsight’s Objective is to ensure:

  • organization gaining the most benefit from its HR activities.
  • Activities must be aligned with organizational strategy and objectives.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of those activities.
  • HR policies, processes & practices compliant with statutory laws
  • Company incurs maximum returns on investments