5 Ways HRIS Can Help In Identifying And Harnessing The Strengths Of Employees

With the continually evolving workplaces of today, the dynamics of performance management systems is also changing. HR managers are now looking for feedback delivery methods that promote enthusiasm in the workforce, along with an eagerness to excel in their roles.

While personal development reviews should definitely focus on improvement and development, it should also highlight the positives and strengths of the employees. Research also says that the productivity of managers who received positive and strengths-based feedback improved by as much as 12.5% as this kind of feedback is directly linked to goal achievement and employee engagement.

HRIS Payroll Solution- An Excellent Tool to Identify and Utilize Employee Strengths

Truly effective managers constantly work on recognizing the unique strengths of each of their team members and thus optimize them to the company’s advantage. Although this might sound like a challenging task, with HRIS software, it’s not.

Before getting into the benefits of HRIS in harnessing the strengths of the employees at the workplace, let’s first understand a bit about HRIS.

What is an HRIS?

HRIS or human resource information system is an excellent HR tool that combines IT and HR software to improve work processes in order to achieve the collective goals and objectives set by the HR department.

HRIS automates key HR processes, like training, recruitment, performance appraisal planning, etc., thus playing a crucial role in defining the performance of the people, processes, as well as key organizational strategies.

How an HRIS Works?

An HRIS payroll software essentially works like any other database software that requires manual uploading of data into it. The system is designed in a way that it stores complete data across the employee life-cycle. Having the entire information, right from the hiring to the end of the employment, makes it easier to search and find data as and when necessary.

So how can you employ HRIS to identify and leverage employee strengths?

Here are five (5) ways HRIS can actually help you identify and leverage your employees’ strengths to help your organisation-

5 Ways HRIS Can Help In Identifying And Harnessing The Strengths Of Employees1. Strengths finder test using HRIS

Irrespective of the number of employees your organization has, you can easily conduct a strengths finder test using HRIS. It allows you to easily assign, distribute, set expectations, generate excitement, and collect the results of this strengths test, that you (and your staff) can collectively use to analyze later.

2. Powerful reporting

Excellent reporting functionality is one of the advantages of HRIS software. You can use this feature to better handle any sort of data, such as the results of the strengths finder test, in this case, to see the big picture and collectively add value to the organization. Having access to each other’s strengths allows your workforce to come up with innovative ideas on improving their own performance.

3. Discuss strengths and allocate projects

Using HRIS software, you can assign projects to the individual employees based on their strengths. Accordingly, their goals should also align with their respective talents and responsibilities so as to create a content and harmonized team.

4. Train employees based on their strengths

You can leverage HRIS solutions to set goals and track specific training progress you want to assign to your employees based on their strengths. It can also be used to direct your staff to portals or other online training aids to access company information, take quizzes or tests based on training, etc.

5. Succession planning for employees

HRIS makes it easy to conduct succession planning (preparing employees for other superior roles) by utilizing employee strengths and aligning them with the required skills, qualifications, and training at one place, to easily access the information when considering employees’ eligibility for other roles.

To sum it up

When it comes to making your employees develop a genuine love for their work, the concept that is frequently discussed by HR practitioners today is working on their strengths and not weaknesses.

Identifying and developing their strengths using HRIS software and deliberately targeting the areas they are good at and want to improve can not only transform employees’ work-life but also enhance business productivity manifolds.