Attendance Software

Farsight Biometric Attendance Software empowers you to manage your attendance process in best possible ways. It’s powerful rule engine ensure implementation of all your attendance policies. Almost every attendance machine brand available in India is already integrated with the tool.

Time Reckon connects everybody in the organization with Web Based Employee Self Service portal and Mobile App based self-service portal. Solution has hundreds of reports and graphical widgets to give you 360-degree snapshot of your manpower. Our attendance software is fully customizable and can be integrated with your existing ERP software.

Our Biometric Attendance Software Features

Multiple Attendance/Payroll Cycles

  • Salary Calculation on the basis of Cut-Off Dates
  • Attendance Corrections for Previous Months
  • Auto-Arrear Calculation for Attendance Corrections
  • Auto Lapse Short Leaves And Other Leaves as per policies
  • Month Locking according to cycles

Shift Rotation Monthly/Weekly/ Range Based

  • Supports User Defined Shifts with Work Timings and Lunch Timings
  • Even support different timing on the bases of week days
  • Allows you to define rotation schemes
  • Supports Flexi Shifts
  • Automatically Marks miss-punch status if Employee forgets to punch
  • Mis-Punch Rectification Workflow for Online and Mobile App
  • Automate all attendance policies Late coming, Early Going, Minimum Working Hours

Multiple Holiday Set And Weekly Off Plans

  • Empowers you to define different holiday Sets i.e South Holidays, North Holidays etc.
  • Allocating Different Holiday Sets Even At Employee Level
  • Empowers you to define different Weekly Off Plan i.e 5 Days Working, 6 Days Working etc.
  • Supports Rotational Weekly Off Plan
  • Workflow to Manage Compensatory Off

Attendance Machine Integration for real time attendance

  • Automatic Collection Of Attendance
  • Integration with existing attendance devices
  • 99% brands available are already integrated
  • Collects or push attendance from Cloud Server if required
  • By biometric attendance software easy to integrate attendance machines data
  • Attendance marking From Mobile with Geo Location Tagging
  • Easily integrable with 3rd Party Solutions

Overtime Management And Compliances

  • Empowers you to manage overtime effectively with OT Planning Workflow
  • Multi level approval workflow for planning
  • Allows you tag Overtime with Reason for OT
  • Approval on actual overtime done, adjustment in hours for actual payment
  • Analytics for overtime

Scheduled Attendance Reports – No more dependency on people

  • Allows you to schedule attendance reports
  • All respective process owners get attandance status of their team automatically at fixed time
  • No manual intervention required
  • Configurable email body with inline data or attachments
  • Empowers everybody in your organisation
  • Relevant reports sent to respective process stakeholders at scheduled frequency

Time Reckon, a completely web based biometric attendance software in India, has been designed keeping in mind to enhance information accuracy, reliability of the time and attendance data while interfacing with your existing time data collection device or upgradable (from a range of biometric devices available with us) that best fits the organisational needs & policies.