HRIS Software

Payroll Insights’ highly comprehensive and detailed HRIS module allows organizations to enhance the productivity of employees.

For any organization, to choose an appropriate Human Resource Information System (HRIS Software), is crucial. Therefore, understanding the needs of today’s forward-looking organizations,Payroll Insights offers one of the most technologically advanced modules to help HR professionals manage their employees’ records digitally on a secured platform. Payroll Insights’ highly comprehensive and detailed HRIS module allows organizations to enhance the productivity of employees.

The online platform eliminates tedious manual tasks by automating them, which in turn reduces human error and improves turnaround time of HR professionals. Our HRIS module is ideal for managing large amounts of employee data and analysing it for drawing out policies, processes, and ensuring flawless people management for the organization.Payroll Insights’ HRIS comprises of robust features that can work across multifaceted platforms in accordance with the requirements of the organization.

A quick peek into Payroll Insights’ HRIS module:

Centralized Database

  1. Stores all employees’ information at a central location on cloud
  2. Integrates data aptly to provide analytics
  3. Keeps the employees’ data confidential and secured
  4. Automation removes data redundancy
  5. Readily available data on employees, policies and procedures of the organization
  6. Brings down processing time and enhances productivity

Verification of Data

  1. Provides e-verification facility
  2. Cross checks employees’ academic qualifications
  3. Tracks professional credentials
  4. Reaches out to references
  5. Matches photo IDs
  6. Runs checks on prohibited activities

Systematic Documentation

  1. Takes care of mandatory submission of specified documents
  2. Hassle-free maintenance of records
  3. Organized and easy to manage
  4. Unique identity codes assigned to each employee record
  5. Timely updates and revision of documents
  6. Safe keeps the entire employee cycle for future reference

Integrates Diverse Platforms

  1. Amalgamates varied modules for trouble-free processing of salary
  2. Assimilates daily, monthly and yearly attendance to create timesheets
  3. Statutory compliance ensured
  4. Option available to employees’ for raising their grievances
  5. Tracks complaint resolution
  6. User-friendly for HR professionals and employees


  1. Authorizes employees to freely surf the module
  2. Decreases human interface with digital mapping
  3. Saves time of employees and employer by providing information
  4. Augments employees’ engagement
  5. Easy accessibility and cost effective
  6. Functional throughout the year