How Payroll Software Apps are Transforming HR and Employee Engagement

Technological advancement is building the World a Digital place and so HR is following the same. The use of mobile phone in real time work scenario is making HR workflow so efficient that it has become a powerful tool for boosting employee engagement, work efficiency, and retention. It is a bitter truth that earlier HR used to spend 60-70% of its valuable time in performing less important, executive works. This was the major reason due to which they were not able to fully immerse in their respective work domain.
Of course, the new wave of digitization has moved the complete HR functioning from web-based systems to fully digital version. With the use of SaaS-based mobile technology, staffs have become more engaged with their work. It can be considered as a plus when we know that the prime goal of HR executives is highly motivated towards employee engagement. With the right use of mobile payroll system, we can achieve approximately more than double the expected functional margin.
Until recently Payroll systems have followed the periodic cycle that was running at different time and intervals. The use of mobile-based payroll apps and interactive dashboards had made it possible to get real-time review and feedback. There are many payroll software companies that are ready to provide a variety of HR related solutions by using social, mobile, analytics and cloud-based technologies, which can be chosen by companies HR experts. These mobile tools have played a major part in evolving the HR role as a business partner by allowing it to function in a strategic way and adding value through hard data and interactive dashboards, predicting the market trends. All of these have made it easy for the HR department to set a benchmark in the industry through their strategic performance towards the company and its clients.
Firstly, let’s try to understand- How does mobile payroll software interface look like?
With the mobile HR facility, you can easily push highly sensitive info and responsibilities to peers and can be immediately addressed when it’s relevant to the individual job. It can be separated into 3 main parts that function differently but are interlinked with each other.
Corporate Communication: It will provide you a facility to send important information at ease, including new company policies and can also be used as a two-way communication as part of the process.
Employee Self-Services: Employees having a company-issued laptop and those who are considered as roaming or other staff can avail the same HR competencies when these solutions can be accessed through a mobile phone.  A regular check on records, log-in & log-out timings (can be automatically performed by payroll software app), submitting leave requests, and proper training are some ways, which can help employees to follow HR regulations on a routine basis. This will significantly reduce the administrative cost of the HR department.
Manager Self-Service: Managers of all the teams can also avail the advantage of mobile-based HR technology that will allow them to update their personnel informational changes, leave requests, hiring expense and other work-related issues effectively. Managers can give their personal attention towards their own process insights, comprising personnel reporting problems and actual KPI measuring factors. This can be effective only when managers are using the tool in the right way by responding quickly to employee needs. This will straight away improve job satisfaction for everyone working in an organization.

Here are some ways in which Payroll Software is transforming HR:

The hiring process is no longer periodic, as it requires time-based activity. The entire function of HR has evolved into what we are able to see now is known as Talent Acquisition. It has become an on-going process that starts with extensive research and regular dialogue has enabled HR to function in a streamlined manner for deserving candidates who have the exact skill sets and are capable to bring on-board whenever a job opening comes up. There are many companies that are ready to provide you with end- to -end talent search and hiring solutions starting from sourcing of the eligible candidate till providing effective workforce planning solutions. Availability of mobile technology has made it faster and easier to incorporate new trends in the hiring process, for example, diversity & inclusion has become an integral part of people strategy management in every organization.
Nowadays there are many companies who indulge in selling Payroll Software apps. With the help of these automated systems, it has become possible in enabling a continuous rather than periodic performance management. It is equipped with various other addon features that include online assessment, personality assessment tool, pulse surveys, development plans and many more.
Automation is also helping in designing better performing mobile tools for employee engagement that features both periodic surveys as well as event-based feedback apps.
Improvement in learning and development function has grown from just visiting a site where one sign up for courses and training programmes were available.  Now you can easily browse it on your mobile phones and can read or watch any videos related to your interests. This kind of facilities are redefining the learning and development experience in a more effective way and will be developed more in the coming future.
The management of employee wellness has changed drastically due to this technological development. It has simplified the complete process of providing medical benefits (including medical covers and reimbursements) nurtured the overall wellbeing of the workforce, This has helped in building an environment that enables effective work-life balance.

Challenges Faced by HR while Incorporation Technology in HR function:

  • HR managers now need to get more expertise in the field of IT. The newly hired generation of HR professionals are tech-savvy and are capable to handle, the technologies effectively and are working efficiently towards transforming the work environment. However, they are expected to work with their senior HR managers, who may not be digital savvy, can bring in their experience to the table efficiently. A healthy collaboration between these two generations can benefit the company.
  • HR experts are getting more time to focus on introducing other well-planned strategies of an organization, which will help in increasing business. By offering customized solutions, compensation, rewards and feedback facility, made it possible to build a transparent relationship between the company and its consumers. This will be a positive means for companies HR to bring change in the mindset of staff members, how to grow a business by maintaining transparency with the help of bringing accurate data and continuous feedback from the valued clients.
  • Decentralization of different HR functioning can pave way for HR executives to concentrate on another important issue to be focused. This may affect some of the internal functions at its initial stage, but slowly it will be managed. Therefore, everyone in an organization should maintain some patience while this transition period and should cooperate with the HR department.

The complete digitization of HR functioning has integrated each and every section of HR in such an effective manner, which allows them to work in more diligently towards companies progress without any distraction. With the help of employee-centric mobile managing process, it has improved employees work experience positively as they find themselves equally important for the company. It will be a humble suggestion for HR professionals, if you are facing problem while adopting mobile technology at some point of time, don’t panic and give yourself more time to adapt into the process and definitely after some time you will find it smoother in functioning than earlier.