It’s time for a makeover if your payroll takes forever!

 Human Resource is the one and only domain that connects everyone in an organization. Hence it is necessary to choose an HR software that aids in boosting your company’s productivity. Let’s be honest — there is no shortage of options to choose from when it comes to digital marketing tools. Over the years, you might have used different tools to help manage and deliver complex digital marketing programs. But inevitably, the team needs more than just managing bits and pieces — there needs to be a way to link the strategy to actual day-to-day activities.

Managing payroll can be a time consuming, laborious task. Especially if you’re relying on outdated tools like Excel to do all the work. Excel spreadsheets rely on manual updates to stay relevant and these data capturing tasks are repetitive, tedious and prone to human error. Among all HR apps and systems, using a Payroll Software such as Payroll Insights will specifically cater to your expectations and increase your company’s productivity to an unparalleled level.

Here’s why:

There are 3 ways by which a payroll software contributes to your firm’s productivity. In the first place, it influences growth and development in your entire organization, thus increasing productivity. Secondly, it increases productivity of your employees which further improves the productivity of your company. And finally, it of course simplifies HR procedures, which automatically streamlines work processes of other departments; thereby adding to your overall profitability.

Impact of having a strong Payroll system:

  • Resource & Cost Optimization
    A payroll system enables the management to monitor resource utilization in a better and more controlled manner. It is possible to identify the cost heads and the return against each employee. It also allows the management to identify when the workforce needs to be expanded to achieve higher output.

  • De-centralized access
    The payroll system can be accessed from any place and at any point of time. This is beneficial, especially for organizations that have presence in multiple locations across the world.

  • Convenience
    Payroll makes it more convenient for the teams associated with the system, as well as employees, to access data and make necessary changes or upload and download any file from the system without having to be physically present at the organization’s office or server location.

  • Real time Updates
    The payroll system gets updated real time when changes are made to any data related employees and their remunerations.

  • Cost effective
    Having the payroll system on does not mean paying a hefty amount. It is highly cost effective and the entire system can be maintained at a minimal cost.

  • Provides data security and safety
    Payroll data is among the most critical and sensitive in any organization. Now, with automated payroll systems, backups are automatically created and maintained on the back end, freeing up your time and reducing the effort and constant worry associated with maintaining regular backups. Secure storage also keeps this critical data away from the prying eyes of competition.

Improving Employee Productivity

Simplifying Payroll Procedures

Payroll software also simplifies HR tasks and procedures by:


  • Being systematic and well organized
    Being properly organized will maximize your payroll efficiency. Payroll reports/records must be arranged in an orderly fashion so that it makes your task easier and consumes less time. A Business also needs to be well-organized when managing the payroll so that one can avoid uncertainty.

  • Predictive Analytics
    With an increasing number of gadgets and humans being inter-connected, data explosion is set to occur. Complete digitization also means availability of excess data. The onus on Big Data, analytics and behavioral analysis form the critical nodal point in any enterprise these days. Although classification & categorizing data is important, presenting consumable data from these large volumes is the need of the hour. As organizations realize the wealth of data available through their payroll and HR systems, companies will look for opportunities to apply a useful method of analytics that discovers consumable data. Such predictive analytics will help in foreseeing risks, detect patterns and establish a safe system processing method.

  • Enhanced Employee Morale
    An estimated 82 million workers have experienced a paycheck error. And the results can strain employer-employee relations. In fact, according to a study, 49 percent of the American workforce will search for a new job after experiencing just two issues with their paycheck. An automated system will boost accuracy to positively affect productivity, satisfaction, and retention.


To make it short, a Payroll Management Software serves multiple benefits to your organization. On a day-to-day basis, it consistently contributes to various procedures and workflow within your company and boosts productivity at a larger scale. Above all, it’s simple, flexible and offers customised solutions for your business requirements.