What are the benefits of Time and Attendance Software?

Integrated Biometric Attendance System and Payroll Software

The lifeline of any organization is its employees. It is necessary to manage their attendance and payroll in a transparent, seamless and unbiased way to keep them motivated. The best attendance software would enable integrating of the payroll software. It would make the process of managing attendance and payroll interdependent leading to no duplication and accurate data. When it comes to employees’ attendance, the two critical aspects are punctuality and regularity. The top 10 attendance software available today consider these parameters and records the log-in and log-out of the employees. They also register early departures and late comings while marking break hours, half-days, absenteeism, shift timing and overtime. Such records enable the management to calculate the contribution of employees at work and accordingly disburse their salaries. However, recording of incorrect data, fault in the biometric system or lack of any aspect of attendance could lead to widespread dissatisfaction amid employees. This could adversely affect the productivity of the employees.

Earlier, in the absence of technology and unavailability of biometric systems, manual processes were employed for registering attendance which was both time consuming and more than often resulted in inaccurate calculations. But with the evolution of biometric time attendance systems, the entire process has become extremely effective and hassle-free. Therefore, majority of the organizations have embraced the biometric attendance system and efficiently streamlined the attendance of the employees. However, while evaluating and processing salaries the management needs the entire data of attendance. It thus Hence it becomes useful to amalgamate payroll software with the attendance system, making the two both a single entity.

There are many benefits of attendance and payroll software integration. Let us look at them

Timely and exact payroll processing

Biometric attendance software accumulates and records employees’ attendance data in real-time. This effectually reflects in the payroll software automatically and updates the employees’ salary of the month accordingly. Automation of the process removes all human interventions and manual recording of attendance leaving no space for ambiguity and incorrect entries. There have been instances in the past when inaccurate attendance records led to unrest among employees. Organizations have been successfully using the integrated attendance and payroll software to improve efficiency of payroll processing.

Centrally available data

As the attendance and payroll software records and stores data virtually at a single location, it is easier to retrieve it. Earlier, attendance and payroll data were being processed and stored in multiple locations. It was daunting and time-consuming to maintain the archived records of the employees. Due to the non-availability of centralized and accurate data, the HR and Accounts department to were facing problems every month. But now, with the introduction of centralized biometric attendance systems, the HR and Accounts team are assured of accurate data. Besides, one can access this data from even a remote location and use it accordingly to process the payroll.

No more paperwork

Paperwork is tedious and more so when it comes to recording attendance day after day for processing payroll. It is mundane task to register the timings of every employee throughout the day. Besides, there are many chances of discrepancy seeping into the system. The integrated biometric attendance system and payroll software not only saves precious man-hours, it also captures log-in and log-out details of employees electronically and automatically. Moreover, it minimizes paperwork to nothing as the entire system is migrated online leaving behind the paper trails.

Synchronized monitoring of employees

Tracking the presence of workforce during the day can be challenging. Acquiring attendance data can be a daunting task for organizations. However, with the coming of attendance and payroll software the organizations are now empowered. The integrated and automated system enables the HR and accounts in assessing the working hours of employees, their pattern of absence and leaves, generates overtime details and makes data retrieval easy at all times.

Secured and safe

It is often feared that the employees’ details and data can be misused by miscreants. The biometric is designed in a way which ensures safety and right use of the system. The data of any employee is generated and recorded through either a Biometric/RFID card at the biometric system installed at the entry and exit points of the workplace. The biometric terminals are programmed to scan the authorized credentials of employees such as their fingerprints, cards or faces. This is then translated into a code which corresponds to the specific employee code. The software becomes completely reliable and ensures the integrity of the attendance and payroll data.

Brings in transparency

In the past, employees complained about inaccurate recording of attendance data and payroll processing. This was a common occurrence that was hard to resolve as human intervention made it impossible to correct the deficiency in the system. However, with the biometric attendance systems, employees themselves can monitor their attendance and manage their accounts and access data any time. Employees can also report any discrepancy in the system and the same can be rectified with immediate effect.

Readily available reports

To better understand the routine and pattern of employees’ attendance, companies regularly analyze their attendance data. Besides, they also evaluate their attendance for payroll processing. Companies are now smart and choosing those that generate accurate and reliable reports about employees’ working hours and other activities during the day. Reports can also be customized, and they can be generated according to the departments, divisions or hierarchy in the organization.


The market is full of integrated time-attendance biometric systems with payroll processing. But it is the function of management to choose the best-suited software for its organization. It must be considered what features are essential for the company. Software comes in varied capacities such as some can handle massive employee data while some are apt for smaller number of employees. Understand the needs of the company and your employees to choose the right software.   All the organizations need to understand that the attendance system and payroll processing are integrated well to deliver a satisfactory experience for both the employees and employers.