Farsight’s Trustworthy Employee Attendance Tracking Software For All

Ease of working is crucial for every employee to perform to the best of his/her ability and for enhancing the productivity of an organization. Leave and attendance management thus makes for one such core function that every organization needs to dwell on carefully. A substantial amount of man hours and effort of HR professionals is dedicated to creating the perfect attendance management software and managing leave and attendance. On one hand, real time attendance software is needed by top management to track the leave and attendance data of its employees. On the other hand, employees too require attendance management software which is intelligent and easy to manage.
An efficient biometric attendance software is one of the most sight after module. The log in and log out with the fingerprint attendance system software makes it really convenient for employees to mark their presence instead of manually writing in registers. An online attendance software also allows employers to check the presence of its workforce at any given time and employees can track their man hours.  A superior system integrates biometric attendance system with payroll software which further enables easy processing of salary. A real time biometric attendance software allows mapping of leaves and check approvals. With access to biometric time and attendance software HR professionals are better equipped to process payroll accurately.
As every organization has its unique policies, thus attendance management system software also needs to be customized in accordance to the requisites of a firm. Thus, where a firm may require highly sophisticated biometric attendance system software, another may just need a simple time attendance software and attendance tracking software. A good attendance system software lets the HR function define its leave types, eligibility and entitlement based on the company’s policies.

Features of Efficient Time Attendance System Software

Defines Attendance System
A competent attendance machine software not only defines the fixed working hours, half-day and full-day leaves, medical and privilege leaves but also clearly displays the weekly offs and the extra man hours put in by the employees. Real time attendance software also allows employees to check leave encashment and others attendance related information.
A good software integrates the attendance and time system with payroll to calculate salary, overtime and other perks. The HR attendance software also takes into account the changes in timings according to the hierarchy and level of an employee.
 Easy Access for All
An organization is a mix of employees with top, middle and low level employees and student interns, comprising blue and white collar profiles. Hence, student attendance tracking software, staff attendance software, office attendance software and labour attendance software must be available in a unified HRIS suite to develop the best time and attendance software for all.
Enforces Discipline
An attendance management software enables a firm to maintain updated timesheets, which in turn allows HR to create a disciplined work environment. Real time attendance machine software enables regular monitoring of attendance and leaves which ensures timely checks on employees’ behavior.
Farsight offers the best attendance management software in the industry which integrates payroll to give a unified payroll attendance software. With its biometric attendance system with payroll software, organizations can record and track the attendance details of employees at a single platform. The online attendance software enables even eases processes for work from home employees as the module can be accessed from any location. Farsight’s comprehensive employee attendance tracking software provides all these mentioned features and much more with customization to suit the needs of every organization. So choose Farsight as your trusted partner in HRIS suite and manage your employees and organization without any hassle.