Satisfied Clients

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When we engaged you and worked closely for Schneider Electric, our lives have become very much easy. What used to be a pain for us became a huge gain for HR Shared Services.

Schneider Electric, VP – India HR Services

We achieved better performance with less efforts and compliance through automation by implementing Farsight Payroll Insights.

Relaxo, VP - Human Resources

The Farsight HCM software is very user friendly. It has significantly reduced our operation time and it has proved to give us the best ROI.

RS Brothers, Head HR

The software solution improves efficiency with a dashboard that keeps all important data up-to-date and in one place for easy access.

Bry-Air, AVP BIS & Information Technology

Key advantage of Farsight is the adaptability to change and its scalability which have significantly helped us in taking better decisions

Musashi, Head IT