Education Sector

Why Farsight HRIS is Crucial for Education Sector?


Schools and academic institutions are the foundations for building a fair society. They are tasked with the responsibility of providing education to the next generation. Thus, it is imperative that they are freed from the burden of managing processes that do not relate directly to imparting education. Also, if we are to educate and train children for the future, then it is essential to identify and recruit the top talent while streamlining the HR processes. The education sector is witnessing a paradigm shift in the way how education is imparted and students are trained with the use of technology, so it is all the more important for academic institutions to employ optimized systems to deliver better results.

Farsight’s HRIS is designed and developed to specially meet the needs of the education sector. Keeping in mind, the key trends in the education sector, the HR processes have been made to serve across institutions. The module has the ability to simplify intricate organizational structures and create streamlined reporting mandates. Further, it reduces the paperwork and additional tasks that can slow down the system. The HRIS allows hiring of knowledgeable teachers and staff members, which is the bedrock for an academic institution and engaging them in productive tasks.

Key Features

Online Recruitment: Identifying and recruiting qualified talents from diverse fields for providing best academic skills to the next generation

Attendance: Allowing tracking and management of employees’ time and attendance logs, which are seamlessly mapped with HR and Payroll suites

Learning & Development: Managing the training and development needs throughout the employee lifecycle

Mobile Self-Service: Engaging the talent with an integrated mobile solution that empowers them to control their tasks from distant places

Payroll: Fully integrated solution with a unified dashboard allowing easy access with user-friendly features for HR and employees