Why Farsight HRIS Needed for Manufacturing?


Manufacturing is an integral industry, which contributes immensely to the growth and development of the nation. It provides the economic backbone to the country and also gives livelihood to people from all strata of society. Manufacturing industry is always in need of reliable, dependable and skilled manpower. To achieve this goal, the sector needs an HRIS, which has the ability to provide a consistently high performing workforce. Manufacturing is demanding and requires manpower that can adapt the changes in this evolving sector, hence, it is crucial to choose an HRIS suite that can integrate diverse modules seamlessly and ensuring the continual development of workforce.

Farsight HRIS provides manufacturing organizations with technologically-advanced tools that can give end-to-end HR and Payroll solutions making it easier to manage the workforce. The module enables manufacturing firms to enhance their processes to create a world-class workforce to deliver high performance, growth and success. The suite manages the entire employee lifecycle while empowering the organizations to save time and money. In addition, streamlined processes allow substantial augmentation in efficiencies of the processes. Employee management, easy and flexible rostering, payroll management, self-service and freedom to customize are some of the features that make the Farsight HRIS the best choice for manufacturing organizations.


Key Features

Smart Rostering: Decreasing overtime costs by creating rosters that effectually meet the ever-changing demands of the organization and industry

Workforce Management: Managing workforce across the board in diverse locations with a unified cloud platform

Talent Management: Mapping, attracting, recruiting and on-boarding top-notch talent from across the globe to successfully steer business towards growth

Mobile Self-Service: Providing access to employees on mobiles enabling them to retrieve information from around the world at any time

Real-time Analytics: Enabling real-time analytics and making data available at a central location for making informed decisions