Why Farsight HRIS is Crucial for Logistics?

Logistics is an industry which has its wings spread far and wide. Its management is not just complex but requires high degree of precision and planning as delay in one process could result in failure of the entire supply chain. Logistics management on the whole includes customer service, sourcing and procurement, production planning and scheduling, packaging, and assembly. Functioning of this sector, demands skilful workforce which is adequately trained in planning and execution, including strategic, operational and tactical, of processes at varied levels. Transportation, data on stock, warehousing facilities and monitoring of movement of goods, are some of the vital functions of logistics.

Farsight HRIS module with its centralized recruitment, HR and Payroll platforms saves the precious minutes of the logistics firms, which are always hard pressed for time. As this industry witnesses a huge number of employees, the HRIS of Farsight enables the organizations to track and record the data on employees’ at a unified platform.  The automated processes reduce the cost of managing the workforce while enabling easy access to both employer and employee of the portal.

Key Features

Risk & Compliance: Bridging the disparity between compliance and HR, reduces an organization’s risk profile while centralizing data related to human capital risk

Talent Management: Authoritative recruitment, on-boarding and talent management modules ensure seamless management of an organization’s workforce requirements

Succession Planning: Managing large-scale global workforce pools and developing a succession strategy enabling an organization’s success in the future

Learning & Development: Creating a high resource organization with competent learning and constant professional and personal development module

Real-time Analytics: Robust insights and analytics helps in delivering the compensation, workforce and performance requisite data for tactical progression