IT & Software Company

Why Farsight HRIS is Integral for IT & Software Company?


IT and software have become vital components for running businesses across the globe. IT and software empower businesses to keep pace with the technology, which is evolving every day. Giving the much-needed impetus to the processes, IT and software are complex sectors which demand highly skilled manpower. Also, the sector is in constant need of training the talent to remain ahead in the curve and deal with then fierce competition. With businesses going global, an efficient automated HRIS could go a long way in making the operations and functioning of organizations smooth.

Farsight’s HR suite is flexible and adaptable and suits the requirements of IT and Software companies. Easy access and customization enables the module to remain robust. Changes can be incorporated swiftly without any hassles. Also, the close data analysis enables firms to hire the right talent for the complex functions. Identifying the training needs, tailor-made programs can be run to guide the workforce in the right direction.  Farsight also aligns the HR and Payroll software to make the system unified. Keeping the employees’ record for the entire journey on a single platform allows tracking their progress and development over the years. The software is dynamic and addresses the strategic and tactical challenges.

Key Features

Online Recruitment: Mapping, attracting, recruiting and on-boarding top-notch talent from across the globe to successfully steer business towards growth

Smart Rostering: Decreasing overtime costs by creating rosters that effectually meet the ever-changing demands of the organization and industry

Workforce Management: Managing workforce across the board in diverse locations with a unified cloud platform

Real-time Analytics: Avail single view of the entire organization with the help of real-time data on employees, their performance and compensation for making informed decisions

Time & Attendance: Precisely tracing and supervising the attendance and employees’ working hours while accurately incorporate it with HR and Payroll