Why Farsight HRIS is Essential for Hospitals?

Hospitals are a place where management of employees and processes utmost importance as it can in reality relate to a person’s life or death. In this highly demanding industry, a mere overlook in scheduling or incorrect data could result in irreparable loss to both the management and patients. Each issue that arises in this sector needs to be attended with precision and responsibility as lapse would mean compromise in the quality of healthcare service, adversely impacting the reputation of the hospital. Moreover, with budget constraints hospitals need a portal that can leverage the existing systems while making the processes easy to manage and effective. However, most of the hospitals still rely on outdated systems and bulky paperwork, which leads to unnecessary admin tasks and wastage of valuable time.

Therefore, hospitals need HR software that not only serves the hospital workforce but also focus on the well-being of the patients while making the entire process cost effective. Farsight is known for enabling hospitals with competent HRIS module that reduces paperwork, and removes data redundancy and saves time on various functions such as HR and payroll. It manages the employee lifecycle from recruitment to the relieving of an employee with innovative and user-friendly solution. Farsight understands that in the hospital sector employees are most valuable and hardest working and HRIS’s aim must be to make their lives simpler.

Key Features

Recruitment & On-boarding: Attracting, hiring and on-boarding the best of the workforce from across the globe to deliver world-class services to patients

Talent Management: Advanced technological tools enable hospitals to identify, nurture and retain the topmost professionals

Workforce Management: Integrating auto-rostering, time and attendance, and absence of employees, allows easy management of workforce

Payroll: Providing the highly specialized sector with easy computation of salary and processing of payroll at the end of the month at the click of a button

Real-time Analytics: Solidifying the organization’s data for providing real-time analysis and enabling the management to make correct business decisions