Automobile Sector

Why Farsight HRIS is Necessary for Automobile Sector?

Automobile industry faces the daunting task of keeping pace with the evolving technological advancements while competing with the organizations rising in the domain at a fast pace. It, thus, becomes essential to hire indentify the right talent and recruit and retain them succeed in the business. To every automobile firm, it is an absolute priority to hire people who have the requisite industry knowledge and passion to deliver in then most challenging of times. A complex sector, it needs all its units and departments to work in tandem.

Farsight HRIS has been working with top industry players in the automobile sector for years and understands and appreciates the needs of this dynamic business. The module enables the sector to work efficiently by taking care of its HRIS needs and in the process ensures that the workforce delivers high-performance while saving time and reducing costs on complex processes. The platform encourages enhanced employee engagement across the board and gives flexibility of to manage the 24/7 rostering. It offers services such as smart payroll solutions, attendance management and self-service that only allows employees to access the module easily but also engages them actively on the Farsight module.

Key Features

Smart Rostering: Reducing overtime expenses by delivering an efficient and flexible rostering solution which fulfils the demands of the ever-changing business ecosystem

Time & Attendance: Precisely tracking and managing the time and attendance of the employees and integrating it seamlessly with HR and Payroll solutions

Real-time Analytics: Providing unified view of the organization’s data in real-time with accurate analytics to help in making better business decisions

Payroll: Vigorous, accurate and entirely integrated payroll solution enabling firms to process payroll from a unified and user-friendly dashboard

Mobile Self-Service: Allowing workforce to access the platform from remote locations and empowering them to manage their working lives from anywhere