Retail Sector

Why Farsight’s HRIS is Necessary for Retail Sector?

The retail landscape is being bombarded with new corporate every day. The entry of new enterprises in the retail industry is calling for structuring and re-structuring of the policies, projects, and workforce in accordance with the new-found requirements and swiftly shifting market trends. In a short span of time, the retail sector is experiencing change in its target market, administration, management and talent. Moreover, the sector is witnessing high attrition rate and is need of skilled employees, which has made it necessary for retail organizations to prioritize their recruitment and retention policies and training and development programs of its employees.

Farsight comes to the rescue of the highly ambitious retail organizations that are striving for success against rising challenges. We offer an HR module to the retailing industry, which is immense and versatile. We take care of all the tasks and activities that the workforce at a retail organization needs to perform including smart rostering solutions, survival-integrated activities such as recruitment, selection, induction, training and development, supervision and compensation. Technology-enabled management of employees would allow engaging and motivating the workforce and empowering them to access diverse HR services from remote locations. Farsight is providing pioneering solutions that would give the retail companies a chance to bring down costs and enhance workforce’s efficiency to deliver remarkable growth.

Key Features

Online Recruitment: Mapping, attracting, recruiting and on-boarding top-notch talent from across the globe to successfully steer business towards growth

Smart Rostering: Decreasing overtime costs by creating rosters that effectually meet the ever-changing demands of the organization and industry

Workforce Management: Managing workforce across the board in diverse locations with a unified cloud platform

Real-time Analytics: Avail single view of the entire organization with the help of real-time data on employees, their performance and compensation for making informed decisions

Time & Attendance: Precisely tracing and supervising the attendance and employees’ working hours while accurately incorporate it with HR and Payroll